iPhone 9 Release Date, Specs, Features and Price

iPhone 9 Release Date, Specs, Features, Price and Rumors

The iPhone 9 is the first choice for most of the tech savvy people all around the globe because of the most revolutionary features it is expected to bring out. The company has bee on the top of the chart for making the most advanced smartphone in the world and that’s what makes Apple on the most valuable company in the world. The iPhone 9 release date could be in the month of Sep/Oct 2018.

Well, the iPhone 9 is probably coming out with some unique features which have never been initiated into the mobile world, and thus the California manufacturers believe that the iPhone 9 is something that you cannot resist.

For a change, it is expected that the iPhone 9 will bring out the iris recognition mode which means that it will create an eye security scanner. It will be the first ever handset to introduce such an advanced security.

iPhone 9 Release DateiPhone 9 Release Date and Price

Apple has the most plans to get it rolling every year, and with the success of the previous models, it is going to be one of the biggest changes that are going to come true.

According to the sources, the Apple will bring out the S version that has a particular feature with S version. One of the best things that you could get with the S version will be the speed performance.

Though nothing has yet been official, the iPhone 9 release date is expected to come out in September 2018 following the trend of the superb September.

Probably the iPhone 9 will have a starting price of $799 as following the memory storage requirements. This is indeed something exceptional to look out for as the iPhone 9 ceases out to be incredibly fantastic.

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Release dates of all iPhone:

iPhone Release date
1st iPhone June 2007
iPhone 3G July 2008
iPhone 3G S June 2009
iPhone 4 June 2010
iPhone 4S October 2011
iPhone 5 September 2012
iPhone 5S/ 5C September 2013
iPhone 6 & 6 Plus September 2014
iPhone 6S & 6S Plus September 2015
iPhone 7 & 7 Plus September 2016
iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus/ iPhone X September 2017
iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus September 2018

iPhone 9 specification:

There are always a lot of key features that have been leaked out, and some of them are listed here!


With the iPhone 9 buzzing up, there is expected to have a good and stipulated screen size. Though the news that has come up indicates that the iPhone 9 will be heading for an Indeed, the iPhone 9 will have a 3D display configuration with a screen size of 5.5 inches which will be on the higher note. Apart from this, the body weight will also be far lighter and will be a handy gadget to grab on.


According to the news that has come out, the iSight technology is just going to improve a little more featuring the camera display for the iPhone 9. In fact it is heard that the iPhone 9 will come out with a 20 MP primary camera.

It will also be featured with a dual lens feature that will give out a better image resolution. The auto focus mode of the camera will be creating a great opportunity to have faster shots.

The camera will also feature a pro mode which will be a lot more helpful to get the best pictures. The secondary camera will have a 8 MP with an on-screen flash.

Operating System

As far the the operating system is concern, we have seen every new number iPhone gets the latest operating system. So if the iPhone 9 will either get iOS 12 or iOS 13 operating system.


It is one of the most concerned issue of every smartphone because smartphone isn’t used only to make and receive calls. It is used for lots of other things as well such as sending emails, surfing internet, apps, games, reminder etc and all these things consumes battery power.

Some of the apps required you to continuously connected with the internet and it results in faster drainage of battery. To address this concern (this isn’t a problem because the smartphone is used heavily), the company may come up with innovative design wherein the can fix two high power batteries. It may resolve this problem to much extend.

However the faster charging feature will get your iPhone 9 charged within minutes.

iPhone 9 Key Feature:

The key specifications will include a lot of changes as expected from the previous versions. Apple will go completely wire-less and will include the Airpods and also the wireless chargers. Apart from this, the available storage spaces will start from the 64GB model.

Dual SIM card feature will be included in iPhone 9 that will give you flexibility to use two different mobile numbers with a single iPhone.

The other feature we are expecting from Apple is further improved SIRI, Dual lens camera with better optical zoom and much quicker charging.

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iPhone 9 Release Date, Specs, Features and Price
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