Rumors: iPhone 9 Dual SIM Card slots rumors building up

iPhone 9 Dual SIM Card rumors

What will be the release date of iPhone? What all features and specification the 2018 iPhone 9 will have are some of the questions that started to be discussed all over the internet even prior to the release of its successor, iPhone 8! Apple iPhone 9 Dual Sim Card slots rumors are becoming stronger that might help company pull Android smartphone users.

That’s a bitter truth that its only Apple that doesn’t make Dual SIM iPhone, otherwise rest of the companies like Samsung, HTC, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei, all manufacturing dual sim smartphone since a very long time. Its just the iPhone which hasn’t got this feature yet.

But it looks like the long wait of the customers who had been waiting for Dual sim feature of iPhone is finally going to get over with the release of iPhone 9. There are rumors on the internet that iPhone 9 Dual SIM Card slots feature may turn out to be true.

Earlier it was rumored that iPhone 8 will get this feature but it couldn’t happened and yet again the customers forced to wait for this feature.iPhone 9 Dual SIM Card

iPhone 9 Dual SIM card Feature – Why it is needed?

There are several reasons why Apple should make dual sim iPhone now while keeping the call quality same as single sim iPhone. Some of the android users have reported that the quality of call is not as good as iPhone because Android smartphone uses Dual SIM cards however iPhone don’t.

I’m sure if iPhone 9 Dual SIM card feature is incroporated, the quality of calls wouldn’t be diminished. Because the technology that Apple uses for its iPhone is always something special that makes Apple one of the most advanced technology company in the world.

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Moreover, for many people it has now become a necessity that their smartphone have dual sim card slots to use two phone numbers. Since iPhone don’t have Dual sim card slot, it leaves no choice for those people than switching  to other company which is a loss to the company.

Other possible features of iPhone 9

The 2018, iPhone 9 would be the most advanced smartphone of the year with lots of interesting features. We saw how innovative the company can be when they launched iPhone X with sleek bazel less design and glass back panel.

The bazels are reduced so much that it gets 5.8 inch display while keeping the overall size of the phone that is easy to handle. It comes with features like Selfie Flash, Super Ratina Display, Face ID, Water proofing and wireless charging.

The iPhone 9 too is rumored to get bazel less OLED edge to edge display with features like wireless charging, FaceID to control your iPhone with your face.

The iPhone 9 is also rumored to have dual battery that will make the phone last longer than ever before. The dual battery feature would be one of the innovative step toward resolving customer’s battery drainage problem.

Today, when Data is enabled on the smartphone most of the time, it causes consumption of battery. The phone starts to run out of battery after few hours of charging if the data is enabled on your smartphone continuously for few hours or if you have been watching video or playing games. The Dual battery option can be a savior.

Rumors: iPhone 9 Dual SIM Card slots rumors building up
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